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Welcome to La Flamme Verte Candle Co! Our names are Chantal and Mélissa and together with our husbands, Daniel and Dylan, we are the owners and makers of La Flamme Verte Candle Co. 


Being sisters and best friends with similar passions and interests, we’ve always wanted to start a business together. We’ve both always loved candles, plants, traveling and photography. We were raised to respect the planet and stand up for the environment. We truly value the importance of vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable and clean products. 


In late 2020, the four of us put our minds together and decided to create unique candles that could embody all of our passions and deliver on our values. It was important to us to make clean burning and non-toxic candles for our families. Each candle is hand-poured and our scents are inspired by memories, nature and travels. With a minimalist look and minimal branding, it's easy to integrate into any style of home.


It was also a priority for us to keep an eco-conscious approach, which is why we use 100% soy wax (renewable source without additives and dyes) as well as a blend of phthalate-free and paraben-free fragrance oils and 100% essential oils. Plus, our crackling wooden wicks are clean burning and handcrafted from trees sourced from FSC-certified mills. But we still wanted to do more, so with every purchase one tree is planted, in partnership with TreeEra. We use recycled and biodegradable packaging including our plantable seed paper dust cover. Once you’re done burning your candle, we encourage you to plant the basil seed paper dust cover into your vessel to grow your own basil and the life of the vessel continues.


As proud Franco-Manitobans, it was important to us to weave in our French background as well as our eco approach into our business which inspired our company name La Flamme Verte Candle Co. which translates to “the green flame”. 

Thank you for support our small business! We hope you love your candles as much as we did making them! 

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